Bagaholicboy News #52 – Rihanna & Gucci For Unicef

Here’s a heads up for all you goody-two-shoes out there. The Gucci Tattoo Heart Collection launches 19 November 2008 (till 31 January 2008), and 25% of all proceeds will support Unicef programs for orphans/children affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa. Rihanna will front the international ad campaign, which will feature key pieces from the collection.

19 November 2008 also marks the date of the e-film’s (which also stars Rihanna by the way) worldwide premiere. Click here and register if you want a personal reminder of the Tattoo Heart Collection’s launch and other Gucci news/updates.

Images: Gucci

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  • andi + neve says:

    hate the bags. would much rather donate the money considering the accessories favor a back street knock off cross between Gucci and Ed Hardy.. just not my cup of tea..

    fantastic blog!! love it

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