Ask The Bagaholicboy #73 – A Wallet From Kate Spade And Other Bits

Q: You have the greatest blog on bags ever! My parents are going to the States for 2 weeks and I heard that brands like Coach and Kate Spade are cheaper over there? Mum wanted to get me a bag or wallet from Coach but I feel that this brand is too common in Singapore.

I was thinking of getting a wallet from Kate Spade instead. I saw some nice wallets at their Raffles City Shopping Centre boutique but I’m not sure if the States will have the same collection. One of my favourites is the Kate Spade Pasadena Neda in Yellow which retails for SGD430. The other one I kinda like is the Kate Spade Jane Street Neda in Gold/Pink at SGD410. What do you think of them and do you think they are too big? I really value your opinion.
Yuri Tan

A: Thanks for your kind words. Yes you are right, as both brands are from the States naturally they are also much cheaper in their country of origin. But back to your wallet dilemma. Personally I prefer the Kate Spade Jane Street Neda, though I must warn you that this particular calfskin scratches easily. Olly has the Jane Street Passport Ticket Holder in the same colour combination which she barely uses, but already it looks worse for wear. On the other hand, the Kate Spade Pasedena Neda just looks pretty blah.

But if this model is what you like, why not consider the Kate Spade Classic Noel Neda (shown above) instead? I love, love, love this pattern, and the interior in Purple is stunning! Size should never be an issue, as long as you can pull it off and find enough things to fill it up with. My only request is that you do not overstuff it (too many women commit this sin) and cause it to look like a bloated whale. The jacquard fabric is definitely more durable and will last you a much longer time. It is also cheaper if you get it from the States, at around SGD300 or so after conversion.
Love, Bagaholicboy

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And other bits:
1. Lisa, definitely get the Chanel 2.55 Reissue in Black. It’s classic and contemporary all at once and worth every penny.

2. Paix, also try Bally and Gucci (their sale starts Monday!) for the lanyard case. But if he is conservative, then stick to Bally. I think Bottega Veneta has some pretty classic ones too.

3. Joey, what you are looking for is called a date code. For the Vuitton piece you mentioned, it should be right side at the bottom.

4. A.T, your choices are pretty sound, though I am leaning towards the 2.55 and the Birkin more. And since you are 3 years away from rewarding yourself with the bag of your dreams, put yourself on the waitlist and see what comes up. Never say never.

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  • harajuku wannabe says:

    Lol you absolutely just love the classic noel model. The other time you also recommended the pouch version when I asked for help on a coin purse.

    Anyway, THANK YOU so much! I kinda like the design and I love the purple lining. Will ask mumsie to get it for me. (^o^)

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