Ask The Bagaholicboy #71 – Botkier’s Sasha Or Coach’s Sabrina And Other Bits

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I’m torn between 2 bags and I hope to hear your opinion before I make any rash move. I’m torn between Botkier’s Sasha and Coach’s Sabrina. They look almost the same and their leathers are both sumptous, I could hug them in bed all night. But I can’t afford both so I can only pick one. Tell me what you think so I can take it from here. I trust you more than anyone else.

P.S. Don’t you think Coach is coming out with bags that look like a lot of other designer bags? Like how the Sabrina looks like Botkier’s Sasha and the Leah looks like Vuitton’s Neverfull?

A: Dear Jana, thanks for the email. I am flattered that my opinion means so much to you, and it is also readers like you that keep this little blog going day after day. But back to your stalemate. If you can only afford one, I would advise you to get Botkier’s Sasha.

Why? Because you are one of the few ladies I know that actually love Botkier and getting the Sasha will definitely celebrate your personal style and individuality. Coach is great too, but it is much too common (especially in Singapore). Are you planning to get the Botkier Sasha Small Duffle? If so, do consider the nylon/satin version in Silver as well, it is simply gorgeous.

And yes, brands often have bags that look very similar so frankly it is not that surprising anymore.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Botkier

And other bits:
1. Elaine, please skip on getting the Celine Merens. Frankly it looks pretty odd and much too too dated in my opinion, especially if you got to pay SGD2300 for it. Ouch.

2. Juliana, yes Hong Kong is indeed a shopping paradise, and dare I say much better/more comprehensive in terms of brands and varieties then compared to Singapore.

3. Kat, if you budget is only SGD200 for the money clip, do check out the new Agnès b. Homme boutique within Isetan Scotts. They got a good variety at reasonable prices.

4. Em, the Neverfull GM costs SGD1140 in Singapore before the tax refund, however I am not sure if the one in Damier Ebene will be released by the time you visit us in January.

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