YSL East-West Muse

It pains my patriotic heart to say this, but luxury brands are seriously overpriced in Singapore. Those who travel often or shop online will know it to be true, and today I present another clear example. 

I blogged about the YSL North-South Muse sometime back, then lately I saw this baby at YSL Paragon, the YSL East-West Muse sitting smugly in the display case. Today while doing my rounds, I spotted it again at this blog. Something clicked immediately. This baby is now available from Diabro, where it costs only SGD3050 before shipping. Get it from Singapore and the same bag retails for around SGD3500. The SA on the phone could not really remember, and obviously thought it would be too much of a hassle to actually check it out for me, but that’s a rant for another day.

But back to the bag. Even if shipping came up to SGD100, you would still have saved SGD350.

And if you decide to shop at Diabro, check out the YSL Muse Continental Purse as well, where it retails for only SGD925 or so. Definitely unisex, this gorgeous piece (just check out the lovely illustrations) features card slots, a zipped compartment for coins and slots for notes.

Images: Diabro

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