Update – Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

It’s time to do the tell-all. I have been using the Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte for almost a week and I think I’ve formed a reasonable enough opinion about it by now.

Let’s start with the good. It’s pretty. Now no one can deny that, something about the stylish exterior gets my heart pumping everytime I gaze at it. It is also rather heavy, which is what I like in a mobile. It gives me the assurance that it is a solid piece of engineered craftsmanship. It is definitely durable as well (it is made of titanium, carbon fibre and stainless steel after all), I dropped it once (oops!) and it was still fine, with no scratches as well. It was also still working, unlike other mobiles which you have to switch on again after you drop it.

Now the bad. The keypad is way too small for me! I have large fingers, and I end up spending too much time on them than usual. Messages get saved, SMS-es becomes MMS-es and so on. It’s frustrating, but for this I can only blame myself, though a large keypad would be great too. More importantly, for a mobile that costs SGD2088 without contract (I saw the exact same one at Nokia Concept Store in Parkway Parade), it is too way too expensive, considering the lack of features.

Then again, I have a feeling this mobile was not created for tech-philes anyway. It is meant to be simply a fashionista’s plaything, something glamourous one whips out from the Birkin (and get admiring glances and gasps while at it) when it rings. And only that.

Image: Bagaholicboy

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Thanks Tendres. I just hope Nokia is as understanding as you are, but I just have to tell it like it is…

  • tendres says:

    I’m not sure if this counts as a comment/compliment, but I like the way you do reviews, unlike other fashion blogs who wax lyrical about the stuff they receive, it’s refreshing to read something practical about the product itself, instead of all the hype.

    i didnt get the recent Nokia phones because they had flat keypads and they “feel” bad to the touch, and I ended up feeling frustrated as hell when my sms-es get sent halfway.

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