Update – Louis Vuitton Tapage Bag Charm

It happened! I just blogged about this little darling yesterday, and today I saw it at Louis Vuitton (more specifically, the boutique at Hilton Shopping Gallery). I stood mesmerised, but I knew I could not afford it (remember the big Vuitton purchase I am planning?).

And yet I refused to walk away. I did the next best thing. Someone I knew owed me a favour big enough to justify the SGD580 pricetag and I called it in. And that’s how I ended up with my very own Louis Vuitton Tapage Bag Charm

Images: Bagaholicboy

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  • bel says:

    i think the charm is quite nice…very manly

    LV dun really make much nice man bag charm also

    all in all, great purchase and the price is right for a metal piece…cos it will last forever n ever n not afraid of any external elements

    i bet this piece will look even more stunning n blingbling in real life


  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Yeah, the favour was big and well used I must say. Still loving my bag charm to bits!

  • 00o00 says:

    that’s a very big favour!
    nice charm 🙂

  • Kevin says:

    Good choice…it’s easily idenitifiable as LV and yet not so overbearing:-) I love that!

  • Mervyn says:

    Congrats on the favour which you (I might say) cashed in. It looks stunning in its simplicity.

    Now I’m wondering how good it’d look against my Mahina with the perforation working for both the bag and the charm. Looks like I might have to find a favour to cash in too.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Thanks guys! I need to get better pics, it looks so much better in real life!

  • tendres says:

    I wish someone owes me a favor too :p

  • freshmess says:

    it looks amazing against the mono canvas. yum!

  • deluxeduck says:

    not into bag charms so much personally, but i love this!

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