The Good, The Bag And The Ugly #45 – Fendi Snakeskin F3 Secret Code Bag

Yes it has been a while since I got all critical and testy about any bag, but only because I have been busy with work and other stuff. I also try to look the other way more often as well, probably because I find myself subconsciously censoring myself more and more lately, which is not a good thing to begin with. I should stay true to myself, and call it as I see it.

That said, the Fendi Snakeskin F3 Secret Code Bag is truly hideous. Honestly. It looks stiff and awkward, and I do not get the stone embellishments sticking out on the top and front of the bag. Do they even serve a purpose? All in all, a waste of perfectly good snakeskin. But if you think this is bad, wait till you see the Fendi Mink-Trimmed Wolf Fish F6 Secret Code Bag. It’s even worse.

Image: eLuxury

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