Bottega Veneta Canvas Shopper

It’s back to haunt me. Because Net-A-Porter is offering free shipping on all orders till 20 October (just enter FREESHIP2 in the promo box upon checkout), I decided to take a look and see what was available. It was not long before I chanced upon this, the Bottega Veneta Canvas Shopper in Black which I’ve really wanted since the day I saw it a long time ago. Measuring 44 cm by 29 cm, I reasoned that it would be big enough for work or play, and the colour would be so easy to match. 

Add all that together, plus the fact that I would save over SGD100 on shipping, I plucked out my plastic and proceeded to purchase. The bag itself would only cost only SGD1075 or so, a good deal for any Bottega Veneta piece, even if it was just entry-level. The transaction went through and then the doubts began to set in. 

I was supposed to be saving up for a huge Louis Vuitton purchase, so what I am doing mucking around with this? I also had other debts to settle, and making random impluse buys was not in the plan. I had to focus, I had to stick to my plan, and so I chickened out. I wrote in to cancel the order almost immediately, but in my heart I know one day I will get it, free shipping or not

Image: Net-A-Porte

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  • Kevin says:

    It’s fortunate you did not get the bag, have seen it in real…it’s actually pretty small. Petite for guys! And the handles are not very long. You probably will have difficulty shoulder carrying this. Sometimes you see pictures of bags and it looks perfectly gorgeous…but in fact, when you see the real thing, it can be too small or handles too short!

    Like the Marni bag I recently posted as Gender Bender…it’s really small…although the dimensions sound okay.

    Stick to your plan:-) We are always distracted by buying all these impulse purchases and afterwards we regret it. I made the mistake all the’s bad!

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    It does doesn’t it? Gap-ish and all… My huge LV purchase? Well, lets just wait and see ok Joe?

  • 00o00 says:

    hmm give us a clue on that huge vuitton purchase??

    that is rather affordable for entry level bottega, but it does look a tad gap-ish to me…

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