Bagaholicboy Muses #8 – Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

October looks set to be a great month for me. I got my column in CATALOG, which was (and still is) a great milestone for me. Then I get an email from the press rep at Agnès b. who asks me to pick up a set of Agnès b. + Perrier collaboration bottles which was set aside especially for me (thanks again to W.K and E.D, you ladies are just simply wonderful!).

But the piece de resistance happened just now, when I got an email from Nokia UK, asking me if I would like to try out the soon-to-be-released Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte for free! Yes you read it right, free!

Frankly at first I honestly thought it was spam, but given that the email looked so legit, I replied. Lo and behold I just got news that the phone is on the way via DHL Worldwide Express! I’m so excited and I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight. Granted it’s only a trial and I probably have to return the phone after a few weeks, but hey, it’s still cool right?

Updates to come! Stay tuned!

Image: Nokia

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    As far as I know, there are 3 of us who got the phone!

  • Kevin says:

    I hope more of us gets the trial:-) it will be good for Nokia to test the market:-)

  • deluxeduck says:

    this is great! i’d love to hear what you think of it. im thinking of getting a new phoe and the Nokia “Artes” are in my shortlist.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hey Kevin congrats! I wonder if any other Singapore-based blogger got the email as well…

  • Kevin says:

    I got contacted by Nokia as well:-) AT first, I was not very sure if this was real or not. But after reading your post…I decided to take up the trial as well:-)

    We can both share experiences of using the new phone:-)


  • harajuku wannabe says:

    THIS is like the ultimate coolness maximum! haha
    Pls put up pictures of the Agnès b./Perrier collaboration bottles too ;p

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Thanks guys! I got to return the phone after a few weeks ok… it’s not like I get to keep it.

  • 00o00 says:

    i got a razor and you got a phone! am jealous hehe!

  • freshmess says:

    oh my god you are so revolutionary! great job!!! 🙂 let’s hope it doesn’t cost like a great bag.

  • Fatah says:

    Wow! Congrats dear! that is awesome news, cant wait to see u holding and furthermore “raping” the phone to the max for the verdict… Those nokia really looks fantastic…

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