Ask The Bagaholicboy #61 – A Givenchy For A Guy?

Q: Congrats on your column in CATALOG! Really love the magazine too! I have a question for you. I was wondering if a guy can carry off the Givenchy Nightingale? I am 180 cm in height and slim. I was thinking of either getting it in Large, or getting the largest YSL Downtown available. What do you think?
Joey Lam

A: Dear Joey, thanks for your love and support! To be honest I have not heard of this bag till today, and after doing some research, my answer is yes. Quite simply, it looks andrygonous enough for both a girl or a guy, and frankly since the Large measures almost 35 cm by 41 cm, it will be too big for girls with small petite frames anyway.

And as for which one you should get, let me just say this. I have seen enough guys sashaying down the street with a YSL Downtown to last me a lifetime, but I have yet to see anyone tote a Givenchy Nightingale. And if you like what you are seeing above, it is available at On Pedder at SGD3000.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Givenchy

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  • s says:

    oh dear lord. that is gorgeous.

  • s says:

    Hi, I haven’t been staring at the givenchy nightingale for the LONGEST time and i finally decided Yes. I’m deciding to get a black though i love colours. Would you recommend the gunmetal, silver or gold hardware?

  • Mervyn says:

    Hey Kevin, I must say the Mahina is indeed a big bag. But since it’s really designed as a handbag, it can look like a handbag if not well-stuffed. I get around it by putting in my book, a sweater/cardigan and couple of my usual other stuff and it looks like a small cute duffle – really!

    I had my hesitations about it but I couldn’t resist the leather gathers and the slightly rough yet supple leather. And, the rest is history.

    It’s a close fight between it and my Nightingale but the Nightingale is more street. Mahina is a little more dressy.

    I’ll show you when we meet up again. Remind me! Have fun in London! (Yes, I’m still reading your blog, and Bagaholicboy’s too!)

  • Kevin says:

    Haha, Mervyn, that is I want to become a baked beans boy for the next ten years…Birkins it will be:-)

    I am sure gonna ask you for advise when that day comes!

    BTW, How is the Mahina as a bag? It looks good on guys?

  • Mervyn says:

    I wish I had as much passion and fervour as you guys to dish out those useful tips, information and opinions on your blogs. I hardly have enough energy keeping up – haha!

    Aside to Kevin, I am still waiting to be your bag advisor on the Birkins. (Note the “s”)

  • Kevin says:

    Mervyn, you can be the next bag advisor! Good advise:-) Love the nightingale bag.

  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Hey Mervyn, thanks for the additional tips and comments!

  • Mervyn says:

    Hi guys, I own a Givenchy Nightingale in brown distressed lambskin. I’m also 180cm in height but more average build than slim. I’ve got lots of compliments when I carry my Nightingale.

    But be sure to stuff it with enough stuff or it will simply crumble when you sling it (it sorts of folds in half due to the design). My tip is to throw in a sweater/cardigan or an old shawl you don’t really care about to add some bulk (not weight) to the bag.

    And personally, I’d advise you to stay away from patent leather if you have concerns about carrying a bag not originally designed for guys. It can look a little camp in patent. But that’s just my personal opinion. Like Bagaholicboy mentioned, it’s most certainly a more unique bag and IMHO a better buy than a Downtown.

    Here’s hoping you get one. Join the club!

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