Ask The Bagaholicboy #65 – The Mahina Or The Margiela?

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, love your blog! You’re able to convey your love for bags (and bags on your wishlist!) without sounding snobbish. I’d like to get your opinion on a bag dilemma. Since the Louis Vuitton Mahina XL first came out I’ve been coveting it but it is beyond my budget. Then while perusing eLuxury late one night I came across the Maison Martin Margiela Large Leather Sac Bag.

I’m very torn since both bags are of similar shapes (slouchy hobo style), similar material (soft leather), but very different prices (the MMM is USD995 while the LV is USD3360). I adore the MMM because it is unusual, completely lacks a logo and I have not seen it on anybody yet. And not to mention the price! Do you think I am making a good decision in getting the MMM over the LV?
Jane K

A: Dear Jane K, thanks for the email. Honestly there is no right or wrong answer in situations like these. You can choose to skip the LV and go with the MMM instead, it is after all much cheaper than the LV, and you will be saving a bundle. However, comparing LV and MMM is like comparing chalk and cheese, there really is no measure for comparison to begin with.

Or you can choose to scrimp and save every last penny for the next 3 years (I’m just guessing here) before you actually get to buy the LV, but the satisfaction will be tremendous. Satisfaction that comes from working towards your goal and not passing it for something cheaper that looks nothing like the LV.

But honestly if you want my advice, it would be to meet in the middle. Who needs a Mahina XL anyway, it is much too big for daily use. Get the Mahina L instead, which costs only USD2740 and is a realistically shorter wait towards your actual dream bag.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Images: eLuxury

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