Martin Margiela Wallet With Gift Bow

Certainly the most whimsical and quirky purse I have seen in a long time, the Martin Margiela Wallet With Gift Bow brought an immediate smile to my face the moment I saw it. I don’t know how practical it is to have a leather bow sitting right smack in the middle, but you can’t deny the idea is definitely original. Measuring 11 cm by 11 cm, it will cost you around SGD600 or so if you get it from Browns.

And speaking of bows and gifts, it is officially my blog’s 1st anniversary today, and there will be loads (and I mean loads) of giveaways coming up on Sunday so check back often! There could even be a extra ‘mystery’ giveaway happening between now and Sunday, and the first person to email me will get it. I am not saying anymore.

Image: Browns

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