YSL Trompe Downtown

‘I do not have buckles or a front pocket for real, but I can pretend I do’, says the bag. The bag in question is the new YSL Trompe Downtown, which is basically a brown canvas tote with gold print. Made to look like an actual YSL Downtown, this fun tote is good for a laugh and not much else. Actually I’m not even sure why this was even made, as it will probably cost loads more than a normal canvas tote you can get anywhere else.

But if there is something I’ve learnt through my months of bag blogging, it is not to diss anything until I see it for myself in person, as pictures only do so much. So I guess the final verdict will only come when I do, but somehow I’m still not convinced I will change my mind on this.

Image: YSL

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  • dodo says:

    hi bagaholicboy,

    do you know the price of this YSL Trompe Downtown?

  • fallapart says:

    hi bagaholicboy, you can check out the Hamptons men’s tote at YSL (only one piece came in from the fall/winter collection), it’s totally beautiful! it has a very simple, classic and intrinsic design that’s just very appealing to someone like me who’s looking for subtle details in a bag (monogram days are over for me!) it is $1890, perfect for weekend use or even a cabin bag. i might get ti!

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