Updated Yet Again, Again – Fall-Winter 2008 Womens Louis Vuitton

More goodies from upcoming Fall-Winter 2008 Womens Louis Vuitton collection. No name or pricing for these 2 new bags yet (the lookbook does not give such information), but take a closer look and you will realise why they are so different. Though at first sight they look like any bag in the Monogram Canvas collection, I believe the material used for these 2 bags is not canvas. It looks like some sort of soft waterproof fabric that is also quilted, thus explaining the grid you see on the body.

The front turn-lock buckles are engraved with the words Louis Vuitton in script, and the larger belt-like hoop accents on the bags and the handles are also new features I’ve never seen before. What do you guys think? Hit? Or miss?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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  • [im-mature] says:

    omg i wonder what was up on the designers mind..
    the material just doesnt fit with that quilted style. and they shouldnt have used the monogram with these ones either.
    i love the buckles tho!

    sry for my bad english
    its actually not good enough to express any critism.

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