Spring-Summer 2009 Mens Hermès

This is skipping too far ahead, but since spotting it on another bag lover’s blog I have dreamt of it at least 3 times already (ok I jest, but this is true love I say). I am so loving this gorgeous manbag from the Spring-Summer 2009 Mens Hermès collection. Besides the lovely shape, I adore the stylised H logo cut out from leather and stitched on the side of the bag, which could either be in leather or canvas. Either way, if I am ever going to afford anything of this calibre from Hermès next year I’ve probably got to stop spending on everything else friviolous from now on.

Images: Armando Grillo, Style Hermes

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  • 00o00 says:

    we need to befriend people from hermes and get staff discount.

    we have 6 months to do it before bag hits stores!

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