Hermès Bracelet In Rose Gold With Brown Diamonds

There is no better way to end the week with a bit of bling, but I am not a fan of rapper hip-hop gold. The gold I like is the muted kind, and in the case of the bracelet above, rose gold. The Hermès Bracelet In Rose Gold With Brown Diamonds is a revisiting of the Torsade bracelet, and features an invisible clasp. One of the facets in encrusted with brown diamonds, which just ups the lux ante. And if you really have to ask how much it costs, you probably can’t afford it. Just to give you an idea though, this baby’s pricetag is equivalent to around 16 Hermès Birkins.

Image: Hermès Hermes

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  • fallapart says:

    16 regular birkins or 16 croc birkins? alot of difference you know!

    let’s say a regular birkin is 15,000 X 16 = 240,000?

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