The Good, The Bag And The Ugly #43 – Prada Dome Lace Bowler

I won’t not exactly call this ugly, but definitely very very bizarre. Introducing the Prada Dome Lace Bowler, which honestly looks to me like one of those chair cushions you use to ease your back. So much lace in fact, I can’t quite figure where the bag starts and where it ends. Apparently there’s actually nappa leather somewhere underneath all that lace, which explains the roughly SGD2700 pricetag if you get it from Neiman Marcus. Good for a laugh and not much else.

Image: Neiman Marcus

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  • catharticy says:

    lawl well i cant say it isnt coming from some sort of fashionable take
    its soo baroque
    thats the first word that popped in when i saw that bag

  • Kevin says:

    I think Granny Miuccia has her grand children do the design of this bag. It’s like a messed up haywire eruption of lace!

  • deluxeduck says:

    i think Victorian chair cushions are exactly the look Ms Miuccia is after. granny chic!

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