D&G Lily Leather Satchel

A reader emailed me and asked me what I thought of bags from L.A.M.B., which she was checking out at eLuxury. I figured I would go online and take a look before I gave my opinion and I chanced upon this little darling instead (sorry WL, I will get back to you soon!). 

Besides being extremely adorable, I love the fact that it has not 1, not 2, but 5 different zippers on this compactly-built bag (it measures 9.75″ by 8″ by 7.5″). Of the 5 however, 3 actually open to the same compartment, with the last 2 having their very own sections. Made in Italy, the D&G Lily Leather Satchel (comes in 2 sizes, this is the smaller one) does remind me slightly of Vuitton’s Mancrazy, and retails for around SGD1500, which ain’t bad considering the amount of details and finish this baby has. Just wonder if Dolce & Gabbana at Hilton Shopping Gallery (6737-2369) has it in stock yet.

Image: eLuxury

Update: 23 July 2008
I love my readers! According to Kevin, the bag is under D&G (#01-24, Forum The Shopping Mall), and not under Dolce & Gabbana. I just rang them (6733-9860) and they do have the larger one from the Spring-Summer 2008 Womens D&G collection on sale, at SGD2499 before 50% discount in Black and Brown.

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  • Kevin says:

    Glad to be of help!:-) hehe

  • Kevin says:

    Hey Bagaholicboy,

    this lily satchel is from the sister line (less pricey as well) D&G line which is available at Forum, The Shopping Mall not the Dolce Gabbana main line store at Hilton. The satchel actually comes in a reddish brown colour for spring summer season and is available at D&G Forum. Maybe still there at 50% discount.:-) This bright orange colour should be from the new fall collection, just given a new spin on the colours.

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