The Search For The Perfect Manbag #53 – Jack Spade Work Twill Swiss Brief With Flap

This ain’t exactly new, there have been other colour variations before this, but I am liking what I see here. One of my favourite brands (Boo’s too, he has 2 manbags from Jack Spade), the Jack Spade Work Twill Swiss Brief With Flap in Grey is perfect for days when one needs to ‘butch’ it up a notch or 2 at work. The colours are safe yet stylish, the measurements (15.5″ by 13″) are ample for documents and files and it even comes with a removable shoulder strap.

Not sure if Kate Spade at Raffles City Shopping Centre (they carry a small range of Jack Spade) has this particular bag, but if you have a friend in the States, better to get it there. Prices here for Jack Spade in Singapore tend to be on the higher side.

Image: Jack Spade

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