Marc by Marc Jacobs German Mountain Duffle & Marc by Marc Jacobs Surplus Shorts

Since Mum and Sis are both in the States now, it only makes sense to ask them to buy stuff back for me (and save on shipping). I am tempted by both the Marc Jacobs German Mountain Duffle and Marc by Marc Jacobs Surplus Shorts, which are from his current Special Items collection. I do like the duffle and at around SGD88 or so, the price ain’t bad but I just wonder if I will find any occasion to use it. The shorts ain’t bad as well, but they do kinda remind me of those primary school shorts we used to wear (mine were dark blue). At around SGD40 a pair, would it make more sense to spend a little bit more and get a pair with more ‘character’? This is kinda plain afterall.

Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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