Hermès Silky City ‘Tigre Royal’

I am still on a roll with Hermès, so bear with me. The lookbook is still in my hands and I can’t seem to stop blogging about their upcoming arrivals. Take the Hermès Silky City ‘Tigre Royal‘ for example. It is interesting how it is made by combining 2 printed carrés backed onto plain silk and then trimmed with Barenia calfskin. Other features include an adjustable handle, a weighted bell-shaped tag which falls over the front to close it, and a flush internal pocket.

The only thing is, I can only see well-coiffed tai-tais toting this to their weekly mahjong games, and not on mere mortals like us. Afterall only they can afford the SGD2350 it takes to buy this piece of luxury. 

Image: Hermès Hermes

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