Hermès Narrow Tie In Wool & Hermès Bracelet In Chamonix Calfskin And Palladium-Coated Silver

I am still going through the presskit I received last week from Hermès, and everytime I flip through it, I find my wishlist getting longer and longer. Right now I am fixated with these 2 babies, the Hermès Narrow Tie In Wool and the Hermès Bracelet In Chamonix Calfskin And Palladium-Coated Silver. I have no use for them, especially the tie, but aren’t they just to-die-for?

The tie borrows from the Scottish tartan design and even the ends are fringed like the bottom of a kilt. I love the great mix of colours and though it costs SGD290, I do want to get it just so that I can admire it at home day after day. But seriously, I do not wear ties at all at work (though it would be nice to start) so this will be moved further down the list. On the other hand, the bracelet is something I can see myself wearing almost every day, I am just unsure about paying SGD800 for it. A princely sum for a bracelet don’t you think?

Image: Hermès Hermes

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  • Love the bracelet. It may be pricey but it’s Hermes and it’s timeless. I have “Hermes collier de chien cuff”. Even though it’s pricey but I love every time I wear it.
    BTW, I sent you Marc Jacobs condom awhile ago, did you get them?

  • Mr Ron Tan says:

    hmm, strike the bracelet off. there are many other nice bracelets around.

    $800 is better spent on a leather wallet or belt!

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