Fred Flare Green Living Tote

I am doing this post for a couple for reasons. Firstly I just watched Kung Fu Panda and thoroughly enjoyed it (go watch it!). And while doing my daily rounds at Likky Likey, I spotted the Fred Flare Green Living Tote that has pandas in the top right corner. Yes it is cute, rather affordable (SGD38 or so) with some proceeds going to the World Wildlife Fund (a worthy cause).

The only thing is, I am beginning to get sick of such bags, pushed out in the guise of ‘protecting the environment’. Personally I already own 6 or 7 such bags that I hardly use and I wonder if I buy for the sake of buying and supporting the ’cause’, but by not actually using them, aren’t I just creating more waste? Are bags like these just ironically encouraging excessive consumerism instead? What do you think?

Image: Fred Flare

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  • Wai Yoke says:

    There are too many of such totes in the market. Local women’s magazine’s seems to churn out the most. That is the reason why I stop buying local magazines. I support the idea of saving the environment but not excessive consumerism. Are these bags biodegradeble? If not, we should stop producing them.

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