Ask The Bagaholicboy #34 – What Do You Think Of Bracher Emden?

Q: What’s your opinion on Bracher Emden? It’s going to cost about the same as quite a lot of ‘better known’ brands, and I don’t know if I should splurge on one of their bags! I love the details they use and all the bling blings, but I do not know how wearable it will be, and if it’s going to be a worthwhile piece? Any advice will be much appreciated!
Eunice Lim

A: Dear Eunice, at the risk of sounding rude, I am going to say this. Are you out of your mind? Sure a bag can be many things, but this is just too much. Honestly I have never heard of this brand till today, so I did my usual rounds at their site and this is what I realised.

Their collections have names that made me think instantly of sexual diseases. To give you an example, one collection is named Hormiphora while another is called Toreuma. Their bags also do not look like typical bags, and honestly I can’t figure out where it starts and where it ends. The colours used are also rather ghastly, and you know what they say, when it is too much it always shows.

Skip this completely my dear and get yourself a nice Balenciaga instead. Sorry again if I sounded harsh, but that’s how tough love works.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Bracher Emden

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  • aldwin says:

    i feel that bad is kinda nice, well to each his/her own. i saw other collections, look rather charming though… cept for the funny names…

  • elim says:

    Thanks for you comments guys! I wasn’t looking for just for a “bling bag”. I realize now that’s its just a crush that I had on the Bracher Emden, but am now totally over it.

  • Mr Ron Tan says:

    Agree with Bagaholicboy totally.

    If you are looking for a bling bag ‘just because’, might as well get a very affordable one from Juicy Couture. i can’t stand the sight of juicy couture, but my younger sis who has recently bought the ruched bowler has been carrying it in a very fun way during weekends and she does look very cute indeed. If you really dig all that glitters and whatnots, go grab an Anteprima!

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