Ask The Bagaholicboy #35 – Which Coach Do You Think Is Best?

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy! I’ve been a ‘religious’ reader of your fantastic blog for some time now. Not sure if you would answer my question as it’s regarding ladies’ bags, but hope you have the time to give me your opinion and insight views. I am smitten by the latest Coach collection. Would like to ask, I want to get a bag for more of a daily usage, but torn ‘among’ the Coach Bleecker Patent Tote, Coach Sophie Patent Leather and the Coach Sophie Signature, which would you recommend? Thanks! Cheers! 

A: Dear Jan, I just went through the bags you asked about at Coach, and frankly I am only impressed with the 2 above, the Coach Sophie Signature (left) and the Coach Patent Leather (right). If you are planning to use it as an everyday bag, best pick something that is more lightweight and easy to maintain and in this instance, I would recommend the Coach Sophie Signature. The Coach Sophie Patent Leather ain’t bad either, but I am guessing it will be heavier. Also, something about the patent’s finish disturbs me, it looks kinda ‘cheap’. Perhaps it would look better in real life, but as it is not officially available in Singapore yet I can’t know for sure. 

Either way, do let me know which one you finally decide on.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Coach

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  • Janice says:

    Hi bagaholicboy!
    Thanks for the advice!!
    I’ll go for the Coach Sophie Signature. Can’t resist the color and size! Lovely!

    cheers, jan

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