Ask The Bagaholicboy #31 – Should I Get A Man-Clutch?

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I must say I am very impressed with your knowledge of bags. I am sure it isn’t easy to keep up with these fast changing trends. Anyway I have a question. I am rather sick of carrying backpacks or sling bags along and I am thinking of looking for a clutch or wristlet instead. But being a male, I realise it is extremely difficult to match one without looking feminine or too excessive. Do you have any recommendations at reasonable prices? Cheers!

A: Hi Mamehajun, your question is very timely. My sister who is in the States now, spotted the Marc by Marc Jacobs Airliner Jacquard Magazine Clutch on sale which I am now tempted to get. This clutch is huge, almost 14.5″ across which admittedly is too big even for the ladies (check out Marc by Marc Jacobs at Ngee Ann City, it should be on sale). Also given the clutch’s good looks, I am sure it will work on a well-dressed guy as well.

I also own some Antigua pochettes from Louis Vuitton that I use during weekends for brunch or shopping jaunts. The key thing to remember is perhaps getting something that you can carry off and be confident about when using it.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs

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