The Search For The Perfect Manbag #50 – Prada Glace Folding Soft Briefcase

I have hit the big 50 with this little series of mine, and honestly looking back, I made some faux-paus myself. Some bags I featured I grew to regret, while some others slipped away and I am kicking myself for not getting them when I could. This one I quite like, I am just put off by its price tag. The Prada Glace Folding Soft Briefcase is all leather, which looks like a cross between a doctor’s bag and one of those English book satchels. Measuring 15″ by 12″, you can even adjust the front buckles to extend the bag further. I also think the push-lock closure in front is a nice touch, I am just not sure about the SGD3500 price tag.

Perhaps a trip later to Prada Paragon will do me some good.

Image: Prada

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  • From The Bagaholicboy That Hails From Singapore says:

    Thanks for the tip Euro!

  • euro says:

    To follow up my comment above, I ended up buying that bag at my Prada store so I can now give you the link:

    I won't vouch for its authenticity, but I got it approved by members at TPF.

    Oh, I saw that briefcase as well, it's absolutely gorgeous! Must be seen in person! I would definitely get it if I needed a briefcase, or if I had spare money, but I don't have money and I don't ever need a briefcase. But OMG, I want to start carrying a briefcase just to give me an excuse to get it!

  • euro says:

    Hi Anonymous, I believe I know what bag you’re talking about – is it this one below?

    If so, I could tell you where to buy it (online) but not before I check if my local Prada store has it, because I’ve recently become obsessed with this bag and have finally found it online, but I’d prefer to buy it from a store instead of online. So if they have it and it’s not significantly more expensive than buying it online, then I can give you the link to the bag. Otherwise I’ll keep it to myself because I don’t want someone else to get it before I do.

  • Anonymous says:

    Do you know where i can find this bag WITH brown long handles ???
    (It is quiet the same as this wonderful PRADA bag but with handles.)

    I am searching and searching and searching…

    Thank you for your help!

  • Peter says:

    hi, Bagaholicboy. Have you heard of the Dunlin brand of leather bags? Read about it in a recent all-praises-for-it article on GQ (or was it Details?). I’ve taken a liking for their Condillac series of unisex leather holdalls (check What do you think of them? Would you recommend them to guys? Any other recommendations which give the same refined but casual look? Thanks.


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