Marc by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit

I’ve always loved the Mr Jacobs’s Special Items collection, which is the more affordable diffusion line that has very eclectic items. And one of the items that I am loving now is the Marc by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit in Houndstooth or Black. Unbelievably they cost only SGD35 each, which is a steal in my books. I personally prefer the Houndstooth, which is 100% wool on the outside and waterproof on the inside, perfect for tolietries and other personals. The only bad news? Special Items are not sold in Singapore, so getting one will depend on your friends who reside in America.

Image: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Update: 9 June 2008
Got my very own Marc by Marc Jacobs Dopp Kit in Houndstooth, thanks to the lovely gals behind Tay+Tang!

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