Hermès Silk Twilly

hermes_ss13-silk-twilly What is this piece of cloth-like ribbon I have here? For the uninitiated, let me introduce the Hermès Silk Twilly, which is basically a long and narrow piece of silk measuring 84 cm by 5cm. What does it do? Well, you can use it as a head scarf, tie it around your neck like a bow or use it a bag accessory.

Which is also the reason why I am doing this post. Sunday is the day we troop down to Hermès Takashimya Department Store and help pick one out for a friend of ours. She wants so bad it ain’t even funny anymore. Just goes to show, when a woman is obsessed ain’t nothing going to stop her, not even a SGD200 SGD220 SGD260 price tag. I’m just glad I’m able to tag along for the experience.

Image: Hermès

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