Gap Nubby Canvas Tote

Boo and I spent a lazy Labour Day tanning by the pool today, and besides taking in lots of sun and eye candy, I was also wondering what would make the perfect pool bag. You bring the bag to the pool, leave them on the ground where it is rather dirty. It gets baked under the hot sun, it gets stained with suntan oil, it gets wet from the towels and trunks, the abuse never ends. I pondered intensively(in-between fleeting naps) and I believe I got it! The perfect pool bag would be your local supermarket plastic bag. Not only is it readily available, it is waterproof and you can chuck it away after 2 or 3 uses.

The sad reality is, and I believe most people will agree, they would rather not bring a bag to the pool than be caught dead using a plastic bag. So what’s the next best thing? The Gap Nubby Canvas Tote (SGD59) would be my pick. Impractical through and through, but what a beauty.

Image: Gap

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