Ask The Bagaholicboy #27 – A Classic Wallet For SGD600?

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I’ve been scouting around for a classic long wallet that is able to contain many cards. My budget is not more than SGD600. What would you recommend?
Venus Tan

A: Dear Venus, your query is a very valid one. I am sure many ladies out there wonder the same thing from time to time. What makes a wallet classic? And what should I look out for? Well, it all depends on what you consider a classic brand. For me, the ‘classics’ include Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Hermès, Louis Vuitton and YSL. I also feel a classic wallet should always be crafted in full leather, in dark rich colours like Black, Gold or Brown. It should also come with tasteful accents, like the YSL Muse Zip Around Wallet, which has simple yet stunning gold hardware.

Unfortunately once you put all these factors together, it also means that a budget of SGD600 would not suffice. A Louis Vuitton Epi French Purse will set you back by SGD1090, and the one above from YSL almost SGD750. All is not lost though, brands like Bottega Veneta and YSL will be starting their sales very soon and this is perhaps the best time to get it at a greatly reduced price. All the best on your quest.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: YSL

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