Ask The Bagaholicboy #23 – A Bag Befitting A Teacher?

Q: Dear Bagaholicboy, I’m sick and tired of carrying dull bags to work. I’m a 27 year old man full of energy and drive and I think my Samsonite backpack is weighing me down, while my Crumpler doesn’t really separate me from my students (I’m a teacher). Hence I have decided to invest in a trustworthy and ‘timeless’ bag that can make me feel happier about my work, and of course stylish when I meet up with my mates who get the luxury to ‘dress up’ in the corporate environment. I don’t really lug my laptop around, what goes into my bag are usually documents, essay scripts for marking and perhaps some files. Throw in my iPod touch and PDA phone, that’s all I would have to carry.

Thus I really need your advice on which designer bags I should buy? I want something discreet, yet not silent, you get what I mean? I am ruling out loud monograms and prints out as that would be too loud and attract too much unwanted attention from both colleagues and students. Factoring my civil servant’s pay, I think my budget would be around SGD1500. Thank you so much!

A: Dear Ron, first let me congratulate you on understanding the importance of owning a timeless and stylish manbag. Too many men these days can’t be bothered and carry the ugliest of bags that make no statement about what they do or who they are. Your budget is pretty generous, you can check out Agnès b., Bally, Coach and Jack Spade, all of which carry a variety of tote bags, messenger bags or smaller sling bags.

Or hold on a little while and wait for the Great Singapore Sale to start. I also like manbags from Bottega Veneta, Prada, Tod’s and YSL, which may be out of your budget now but come sale season the possibilities are endless. But if I had to pick one bag for you, it will be the Mulberry Joel, a 27 cm by 26 cm messenger bag that is both simple and stylish. It also costs around SGD600 or so, which suits your budget. It may not be big enough for your files or scripts, but with your leftover budget you can easily pick up the Jack Spade Industrial Canvas Dipped Coal Bag (SGD340) for days when you need to lug work home. Good luck on your quest and let me know what you finally decide on.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Image: Mulberry

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