Ask The Bagaholicboy #9 – I Need A Manbag! Miu Miu Or YSL?

Q: Dear Bagaholicboy, I enjoy your blog and hope that you will share your opinion with me. I am 24 year old male living in NYC and in the market for yet another man bag. I find Miu Miu striking, but they no longer make any bags for men. Do you think I could pull off the Miu Miu Double-Zip Leather Bowler even though it is a women’s bag. I don’t mind a little gender-bending but I am not the kind of man to wear a purse. I was also considering the YSL Muse Briefcase, which in fact is safer. Any thoughts?
Desperately Seeking Suggestions

A: Hello DSS, thank you so much for emailing me. I love nothing more than to answer any queries on this little blog of mine, and yours is certainly a valid one. At first sight, there is nothing wrong with either the Miu Miu Double-Zip Leather Bowler or the YSL Muse Briefcase, I do think both are great-looking. That said, the only 2 concerns you should have now are the size and the price.

The Miu Miu Double-Zip Leather Bowler measures 15″ across, whilst the YSL Muse Briefcase is 15.5″ wide. Not much difference there. Price-wise (I will use USD since you are from the States), the Miu Miu costs USD1240 and the YSL costs USD1195, again the difference is minimal. After all is said and done, I guess the most important thing is for you to see and try both bags in real life, and deciding there and then which will suit you better. But if you have to know what I prefer, it would be the Miu Miu hands down. Pulling it off is not a problem, so long as you carry it with heaps of confidence and gusto.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Images: Neiman Marcus & YSL

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  • Kevin says:

    I own the miu miu double zip bowler! and it works great as a man bag…and mine is grey and not the very unisex black:-) Muse briefcase is a bit boring as compared to the women’s version.:-) My 2 cents worth.

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