Ask The Bagaholicboy #7 – Which Mulberry Fits A Laptop Better?

Q: I recently got to know of your blog through another forum member’s post and I’ve really enjoyed reading your posts since then. And since you profess a love for Mulberry bags and definitely much more of an expert than me in this area, I would really like to know which bag you think would make a more suitable laptop bag for a 14.1″ laptop, the Mulberry Elgin or Mulberry Bayswater? Would a laptop that size with a protective sleeve fit into the Bayswater nicely or would it distort the shape? Would love to hear your opinion. Or perhaps you could suggest something else similar which might be better? Thanks a lot.
Ang Su Yin

A: Dear Su Yin, thanks for sending in this query. Both the Mulberry Elgin and Mulberry Bayswater are stunning bags by themselves, but I am more partial to the Bayswater, simply because it is an iconic bag in a class of its own, and every woman should have one.

But on the question regarding which bag suits a 14.1″ laptop better, it will be hands down the Elgin. The shape and height will be more suited for a laptop, and the bag will not sag, unlike the Bayswater, which will be out of shape if anything too large and heavy is put in. I will try and recommend more bags suitable for laptops in the next few posts, so do stay tuned.
Love, Bagaholicboy

Images: Mulberry

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