Prada Woven Shopper

If you have ever been to Suan Lum Night Bazaar in Bangkok, there is a stall in the corner that sells woven nylon goods. Each item comes in a mixture of at least 3 colours, and woven together to become bags, laundry hampers, magazine racks and more, in all shapes and sizes. Walking in, you can’t help but be amazed by all these colourful handcrafted works, and end up picking up a few items as gifts for friends back home. Afterall, they are pretty cheap and start from SGD10 onwards.

I could not find a picture of these bags online, but then I came across the Prada Woven Shopper that costs a whopping SGD2000. It is amazing how similar they look, sans luggage tag and logo. It is also amazing how branded names these days will happily rip off someone else’s idea and simply remake it for their own. Exactly like how Louis Vuitton and Jack Spade got ‘inspired’ in Hong Kong the last time.

Image: Neiman Marcus

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