The Good, The Bag And The Ugly #29 – Dior Homme Black Leather Messenger

I have never been a fan of either Dior or Dior Homme, and this bag clearly illustrates why. For starters, the Dior Homme Black Messenger Bag is clearly confused. Firstly, it attempts to be very user-friendly, with many front zip pockets (I can see at least 4 from here), which is good. What is bad however are the zip pulls, which does nothing for the bag, and makes it look messy and cheap. To make matters worse, what is the point of adding an additional wool tassel on the front? Does it do anything? Do you use it to swat flies when you are outdoors?

And although the bag is made almost entirely with washed lambskin (which is nice!), can you tell that it is lambskin? Honestly it looks like PVC to me, so what’s the point of using leather when the end result is just plain blah?

But the most absurd bit has to be the price. At around SGD1800 or so, this has to rank as one of the most expensive and yet totally ugly bags I have seen this year.

Image: Dior Homme

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