Bally Tanos-P Tennis Bag

I don’t play tennis. Truth is, I always wanted to learn, but I guess I am too old to pick up any new sports. But Boo does, which is why I did the post. But I do wonder if he will buy it, seeing how the colour ain’t very practical for a sweaty sport like tennis. It is also made entirely of calf leather, which is perforated and will surely collect dirt and grime in it’s tiny holes.

I don’t see it getting any real action on any court, though it is rather smart-looking. The Bally Tanos-P Tennis Bag. Boo what do you think?

Image: Bally

Update: 29 February 2008
I just got a call today, the Bally Tanos-P Tennis Bag has arrived and costs SGD1677.

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