Bagaholicboy News #13 – Cheaper To Buy Online!

We all read the report, which was featured first on The Purse Blog, and than on Singapore’s own Straits Times on Sunday. The headline goes, ‘Retailers Limit Purchases Of Designer Bags’. Why? Because of the weak US dollar, luxury bags are cheaper now in the US than in say, Singapore or even the rest of the world. Which also means if you choose to purchase online, and say your credit card charges the same conversion rate as say, XE, you will enjoy huge savings.

Not convinced? Take the Marc by Marc Jacobs Standard Supply Shopper for example, which was featured here recently. It costs USD98 or SGD140 (according to XE’s rate), but if you were to purchase the same bag in Singapore, it will cost you SGD219. That alone is savings of at least SGD79! What about the cost of shipping you may ask. Well, the cost of shipping is standard, simply get more items, or share with your friends, and the savings will still be significant.

And remember, the more expensive it costs in Singapore, the more savings you will get if you get the same bag online. I will try and post more examples over the next few days, so stay tuned!

Image: Net-A-Porter

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