The Search For The Perfect Manbag #28 – Longchamp Cavalier Handbag

Given that I had no post on Longchamp on a long time, I thought it was due, since it was one of the brands I use in my everyday life. The only thing was, given that Longchamp’s range was generally lacklustre, it was hard to find anything to blog about. Till I set my eyes on the Longchamp Cavalier Handbag.

But before anyone starts crying bloody murder, this is not just a woman’s bag. Made with aged cowhide, the tote bag is great for those needing to tote around lots of documents on day-to-day basis. Magnetic closure and a back zip pocket also makes it easy for a man on the go. No fuss, no extra bells and whistles. Just a simple, straightforward tote bag.

The only catch? It is kinda pricey, coming in at almost SGD650. And also most likely not available in Singapore (not that I seen anyway).

Image: Longchamp

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