Louis Vuitton Taiga Medium Ring Agenda Cover

Every collector wants his or her collection to be as varied or as complete as possible. I am the same. As a Louis Vuitton fanatic, I try to make my personal collection as diverse as possible. As it is, I already own pieces from the Monogram Canvas, Antigua and the Croisette ranges. I try to obtain pieces that add variety, or be of actual use in my everyday life.

That said, I finally took the plunge and purchased the Louis Vuitton Taiga Medium Ring Agenda Cover in Grizzli. Not from Louis Vuitton, but an online site that sells pre-loved authentic items. And it was a good deal too, considering I only paid SGD340 for it, and a new one will cost SGD825.

An agenda is something I can use everyday, and what better than a Taiga, given that it’s leather is very durable and lasting. And when it arrives, it will be time to hit the boutique and pick up the refills.

Image: Louis Vuitton

Update: 30 November 2007
The agenda has arrived! I gush with joy! I am happy! Will go down on Sunday and pick up the refills! Yay!

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