The Good, The Bag & The Ugly #24 – Prada Achille Trick Charms

This is what not to hang from your charm bracelet. Not only are they expensive (SGD150 or so each), they look like something the dog spat out. And the sequins look like they will drop off anytime. The Prada Achille Trick Charms. A definite no-no.

Image: Prada

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  • shoe-holic says:

    On the contrary, I feel the “dog spat out” look adds a very unique and never before seen imperfection to Prada’s reputation of being clean, sleek and terrific. In one word i think the imperfect touch of creativity just makes what Prada is about… Perfect. Whoever thought of forking out tons of money for the “cheap” and less-than perfect Nylon bags that spun Prada into what it is today.

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