Spring-Summer 2008 Womens Chanel

Was doing my usual Sunday rounds at Style, and came across these very curious purse anklets, as part of the Spring-Summer 2008 Womens Chanel collection. Purse anklets? What was Karl Lagerfeld thinking? Are women supposed to store their personals at ankle height and bend over everytime they needed to touch up their lip-gloss or grab a credit card to make payment?

Can you imagine the amount of women that will be bending over on the streets whenever they need something if this purse anklet becomes the new hot must-have? Admittedly the concept, look and colours are very cute, but is this taking it abit too far?

Images: Davide Gallizio, Style

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  • Ella Darcy says:

    wah, so cute! I’m a sucker for anything in miniaturization. I have an LV Speedy in miniature…it was produced in limited volumes with no marketing. I would love this, even though it’s absolutely useless! maybe convert it into something worn at the waist? I think it’s adorable! 😛

  • vinna says:

    haha Was this inspired by Lindsay Lohan and her alcohol detector around her ankle? I read somewhere that Lagerfeld adores Lindsay so hrm…

    Cute in a way… but no.

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