Bagaholicboy News #3 – Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Key Ring & Alzer Key Holder

bbn3 Coming to a Louis Vuitton boutique near you, the very adorable, very cute, Louis Vuitton Alzer Key Holder. Sure alot of new goodies will be released on 1st November, but these beauties deserve special mention. The other, the Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Key Ring is in the shape of the hat box, and adorned with little holiday destination labels that are so adorable.

God have mercy on our wallets.

Image: Louis Vuitton

UPDATE: 24 October 2007
I checked today at LV, they will cost SGD745 each. Also the Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Key Ring also can be used as a pill box. How cute!

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  • Sean says:

    The hat box key charm is stunning. Just bought one not too long ago, it’s not really big enough to fit most pills inside but who the hell cares? It’s gorgeous, really worth the money.

    • Susan Ranellone says:

      I just got one of the Louis Vuitton Boite Chapeaux Key Ring on a private call, along with David Yurman jewelry, etc. Are they still worth good money.

      I don’t think she ever used it. It is in near MINT CONDITION. Thanks. Sue

  • vinna says:

    They have a mirror inside so its sorta useful. I would love one of these… along with one of them Chloe Paddington keyrings haha
    I wonder how much…

  • Ella Darcy says:

    ooh, these are so precious…I love lockets, so these are SO perfect for me. do keep us informed as you get more info…I wonder if this will be available in the US?!?

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