Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Trotter MM

A friend commented today, after reading my blog for the upteemth time, that I could be slightly obsessed with Louis Vuitton? Me? Obsessed? Of course not.

I went to an appointment in town later in the day, and since it was just next door, I decided to pop into Louis Vuitton DFS Scotts for a quick look. There, I flipped through the catalogue and came across the Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Trotter MM in Burgundy, White, Charcoal Grey and Brown.

I come home, and spend another 2 hours searching for more information on this new bag. Nothing. After this post, I may continue looking for another 2 hours. If not, I will just have to pop down tomorrow and steal a copy of that catalogue. Or snap a picture with my camera phone. All so that I can post it on my blog.

Now who says I am obsessed with Louis Vuitton?

Image: Louis Vuitton

Update: Checked today, the Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Trotter MM will cost SGD2190. And no, I am not obsessed.

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