Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Pocket Organizer

So it has been about a week since I got my wallet, the lovely Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Portefeuille Multiple in Burgundy. I did feel kinda bad that I did not purchase it from my regular LV SA. And it so happened today I went down to the boutique, just to browse and came across this.

The Louis Vuitton Bequia Leather Pocket Organizer in Charcoal Grey. It has a total of 6 slots inside and 1 at the back, good for credit cards, namecard and the like.

Due out for release only on the 19th of this month, my SA gladly let me purchase it and take it home. What can I say? At least I no longer feel guilty about my darn deed. And I have another lovely piece of Louis Vuitton to add to my collection. Get yours for SGD495.

Image: Bagaholicboy

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