The Search For The Perfect Manbag #3 – YSL Large Downtown Tote

Another case of love at first sight? Perhaps. The YSL Large Downtown Tote clearly meets all my critera when it comes to being a good manbag.

One, it is large, at 17″ across, 15.5″ high and a 6″ depth. Roomy by all standards, and perhaps will not be dwarfed by my large frame.

Two, it is in metalic leather, with subtle gold tone hardware, which while adds a touch of class, does not scream as most other bags I love do.

Three, there is a front compartment, good for keys, the namecard holder and mints.

Four, the colour is lovely. Ahh, in love, yet again. At USD1795 or so.

Image: YSL

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