The Good, The Bag & The Ugly #2 – Prada Ombre Patent Leather Tote

Prada has done it, for me, once again. They have managed to produce another monster to add to their collection of bags gone wrong. Introducing the Prada Ombre Patent Leather Tote. Sure patent is IN now, but so much of it just gives me a severe migrane. Next, the colour scheme. Who is this bag supposed to appeal to? ‘The Young & The Tasteless’ demographic aged 15 and up who probably can’t afford it anyway?

No self-respecting lady would or should be caught dead with this plastic monster. But that’s only my opinion. Love it at your own risk, but you have to pay USD2270. And wonder what to tell your daughter 10 years from now when she asks why this bag is a family heirloom.

Image: Prada

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