The Good, The Bag & The Ugly #3 – Prada

As much as I can, I hate to bitch about anything. (Ok, ok I lied!) However when I came across this monstrosity, I was struck speechless for a good 3 minutes. Hailing from the Prada A/W 2007 Womens collection, what struck me in the first place was the pairing of Girl-Bigfoot and her catch-of-the-day turned into a clutch. Yup, Girl-Bigfoot woke up one morning, strangled a rabbit or some other poor creature with white fur and decided it will be a lovely clutch for use when going out on a date with Boy-Bigfoot.

Concidentally, Prada also inspired my first entry for The Good, The Bag & The Ugly series, titled The Good, The Bag & The Ugly #2. Click here to see what other monster they created to date.

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