Bottega Veneta Intreccio Royal Veneta Bags

My madness shall reign for another post, the final one of the day about Bottega Veneta I promise. Olly often laments about the lack of good, beautiful and large hobos available on sale these days.

Introducing the lovely Intreccio Royal Veneta Bag range, from left, the BV Blonde Intreccio Royal Maxi Veneta, the BV Noce Intreccio Royal Maxi Veneta and the BV Carmine Intreccio Royal Maxi Veneta, all costing a cool SGD8470 each. And the the right, the one-size-down, slightly smaller BV Corallo Intrecio Royal Veneta, at a lower, more affordable (depending on who you ask, that is) SGD6140.

Image: Bottega Veneta

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