If you need further proof that Chanel can do no wrong, then just watch the beautiful new campaign that...

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Bagaholicboy Profiles #39 – Fulfilling The Sins Of Lust

November 7, 2012

Admittedly, just about everything mentioned on this blog falls into the category of what is lustworthy. We might even...

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Chanel S/S13 ‘Lego’ Clutch

November 6, 2012

If there’s anything I learnt from Chanel’s Les Secrets Du Sac exhibition which will open to the public on...

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Longchamp: Little Big Bag

November 6, 2012

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s more to Longchamp than just their ever-popular Le Pliage collection of bags, you’ll...

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LeSportsac + LouLou & Tummie Collection

November 6, 2012

Because you always count on me for your regular dose of cute, I would like to present the LeSportsac +...

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Kenzo Tiger Embroidery Wool Sweater

November 5, 2012

One of the most coveted pieces of RTW this season, it’s no wonder that the Kenzo Tiger Embroidery Wool Sweater...

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Céline F/W12 Zip Clutch

November 4, 2012

If you’re a fan of everything Céline but already own the Nano, Mini, Trapeze and then some, here’s something...

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Bagaholicboy News #238 – Chanel Presents Les Secrets Du Sac To Celebrate Its Iconic Bags

November 2, 2012

Vintage photographs like these often bring a smile to my face, as they bring one back to an era...

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Club21: Style It Forward

November 2, 2012

I know, I know, I’m a day late on this, but better late than never, right? From Club21 comes...

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Coach Legacy Leather Canteen

November 2, 2012

Truth be told, the Legacy Leather collection will go down as one of the best things to happen to...

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Saint Laurent Small Cabas Y

November 1, 2012

Balenciaga has the Mini Papier A4, Celine, the Nano. Gucci has the Mini Bamboo and Louis Vuitton, the Alma...

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  • CartierAsymmetric Clutch
  • Victoria BeckhamQuincy
  • ValentinoShoulder Bag
  • Anya HindmarchCrisp Packet Clutch
  • HermèsMini Convoyeur Wallet
  • CartierAsymmetric Clutch


She's brilliant. Could wear a bin liner and still look amazing. (FB)

Christine Soong on Cruise 2015 Lady Dior Ad Campaign
11:26 AM Oct 22

Phew! I'm glad I'll be saving some moolah from this. I went ballistic for the Isabel Marant collab last...

Addy on H&M + Alexander Wang Collection (With Prices In SGD)
05:33 PM Oct 20

Might as well. LOL!

Bagaholicboy on H&M + Alexander Wang Collection (With Prices In SGD)
08:36 PM Oct 19

I'm seriously eyeing that coat now that I'm scheduled for a December trip to Minsk. I'll be freezing! I...

Jem on H&M + Alexander Wang Collection (With Prices In SGD)
07:58 PM Oct 19

Well, if you can save, why not just get it from Paris? The prices quoted by Goyard Paris should...

Bagaholicboy on Bagaholicboy Muses #438 – What You Need To Know About Buying Goyard Online
07:16 PM Oct 19

Hey Madge, I don't have the prices in USD. As for the bag, I'm not really a fan of...

Bagaholicboy on Bagaholicboy Muses #438 – What You Need To Know About Buying Goyard Online
07:14 PM Oct 19


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